HR Focus - In The Current Times


Human Resource teams have to focus on the HR agenda based on the business needs from time to time. In the current context of the business environment, in my reading, the major challenges being discussed and highlighted by reputed management gurus and research organizations are:-

  • VUCA- Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
  • Digital Disruptions- AI- Artificial Intelligence, AR & VR-Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics.
  • New Business Models- Aggregation of Products, Services. No assets and Capital Investments and technology platforms to reach out to the end customer.


This gives rise to HR focus areas in tune to the above business challenges and adoption of above for survival and growth. In my view 6 such points are listed, I’m sure there are more but picking up a few important ones.


  1. Do More with Less.
  2. Highest Efficiency At all Levels
  3. Talent Retention and Development
  4. Hyper Employee Engagement
  5. Team Work For Interdependent Work Processes
  6. Alignment and Awareness to the end customer needs.


The days of maintaining the hygiene of your processes, be compliant with requirements were felt as fulfilling the functional needs but today the same is given either by junior resource or by automation.


Elaborating the above points for every HR professional either entering in HR Function or the seasoned one … “ Every Team player in  Cricket has very Crucial Role to  Lose or Win the Match”.


  1. Do More with Less.

The approach to review and reduce the repetitive processes, better turnaround time, option for automation and lesser inputs for the same level or better output.

Think and review each of your HR lifecycle event to apply the above principle.


  1. Highest Efficiency At all Levels.

First start having measurements, parameters for efficiency of processes, actions, deliveries.

Run the pilot on a small scale, post review goes on increasing the span to the HR processes and into the organization.


  1. Talent Retention and Development

The prominent differentiating factor as one of the most competitive element is the talent for any organization. Every organization strives to go for the best and trained talent rather than investing in training them, though in the manufacturing organizations in India apprenticeship schemes support the learning curve. Retention of talent is a very positive value add as churning to find the new talent is a tiring exercise. HR needs to spend the majority of time in planning and developing the program as their prominent agenda.


  1. Hyper Employee Engagement

The need of the hour is ENGAGEMENT… ENGAGEMENT….&… ENGAGEMENT of all the employees is it at any level of the organization. HR  need to deep dive in every employee lifecycle function example: onboarding and integration program approach needs to consider the cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of the employees. Every lifecycle event such as 30-60-90-180 days connect needs to be consistent and driving the development and taking care of roadblocks for the employees from any of the area in the organization. Needless to say, performance evaluation, career progression, training and development, unique reward and recognition and the most important succession planning for employees to grow with the organization.


  1. Team Work For Interdependent Work Processes

Work teams are the reality today, the operations have not remained silos, they are integrated as 400 meters relay race, either all 3 participants win or all 3 lose. Thus, positive connectivity, handover and enabling one and all to win. HR must ensure in your organization to create an environment where the batons are passed on for making the runner win.


  1. Alignment and Awareness to the end customer needs.

Customer is one of the most dynamic and challenging dimensions in the current business and HR must know the end customers needs and being aware and align to that needs. Bringing the needs into your process of Hiring, training, development, Reward and Recognition and every part of the HR function. Be it a product or service, Your awareness and alignment to customer needs will be the major differentiator.

To Conclude with, the above is just the tip of the iceberg and there could be lots of initiatives and action which would make a difference but thought of listing some to give my one cent…


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